Posted by: albfor | May 9, 2016

May 7, 2016 Charlie Fusco’s 40th Birthday at The Loews Hotel


33RD FLOORMs. Charlie Fusco (Synergixx, LLC CEO), merging with youth and progress, celebrated her 40th birthday with the traditional Mexican coming of age party that she missed at age 15.


The Loews Hotel | 5th grader, Albert Barajas, of Pacoima, CA.

That’s right a Quinceañera (the transition from childhood to young womanhood around the age of 15 years old) and to top it off Charlie wore a gown that was designed by 5th grader, Albert Barajas, of Pacoima, CA.


5th grader, Albert Barajas, of Pacoima,CA designed the dress which included over 100 yards of fishing line and 5 screwdriver drill bits!

There’s quite a bit more to this story but as a photographer the visual content is the focus please go to this link for the full story. But, her life is a story of “Rags to Riches” it’s simply amazing.




“Beyond making her own dream come true, Charlie and her company designated Cinderella’s Noche Latina Quadentraceñera as a charity fundraising gala to advance opportunities for homeless youth at Covenant House PA in Philadelphia; for disadvantaged high school students from the South Bronx’s Open Hydrant Theater Company (who performed at the event); and for a 4th/5th grade classroom at iLEAD, Pacoima, CA, where a 5th grader from the projects designed Charlie’s gown.
The public can read about the three charities and donate through EventBrite at fund youth opportunity through May 14. All proceeds will be divided evenly between these charities, which have special meaning to Charlie and Synergixx. Invited guests met members of each group at the event, walked through a youth opportunity hallway, and made donations in lieu of gifts.

The event included Quinceñera traditions, such as a choreographed dance by Charlie’s “court,” formal, brightly colored, full- skirted gowns, black tie fashion, and performances from the Grammy-Award winning Latin group, Yerason.”

To view some of the images please select this link or the “May 7, 2016 Charlie Fusco’s 40th Birthday at The Loews Hotel” album in the right column of this photo weblog.


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