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June 16, 2016 BALL ON THE SQUARE 2016


THURSDAY.  Once a year Rittenhouse Square Park transforms into a luxurious tented oasis for supporters of the “Friends of Rittenhouse Square Park” as Zsa Zsa Gabor would say “simply marvelous”.


RITTENHOUSE SQUARE PARK | Dean Tsakanikas with puppy Mila | Arthur Alan Wolk, Jassim Paris, Pajman Paris | Salvador D’Angelo, Lisa Silveri | Rick & Flo Celender | Joe Weiss, Sharon Pinkenson, Susie Shah, Jay Shah

This year was the 32nd annual event in the park for the one of Philadelphia’s most anticipated events.


Regina Tuchinsky, Alexander Hankin | Ian & Linda Swain | Chris Nagele & Natalie Nagele | Daniel Sill, Heather Alamia, Ricki Lang, John West Rum

To view some of the images please select this link or the “June 16, 2016 BALL ON THE SQUARE 2016” album in the right column of this photo.

Alex Mazza, Sapna Bhatt |Amy Nassar & Emil Nassar | cbs3 Brooke Thomas, Meisha Johnsonbrooke

Alex Mazza, Sapna Bhatt |Amy Nassar & Emil Nassar | cbs3 Brooke Thomas, Meisha Johnson brooke | The Board


Past Ball on the Square.       2013     2014     2015.    The History of Rittenhouse Square park


To view some of the images please select this link or the “June 16, 2016 BALL ON THE SQUARE 2016” album in the right column of this photo.


Connor Barwin, Laura Buscher | Michelle Young, Holden Hummel | Megan Heaton, Raheem Ghouse, Ledia Sotelo


Julia Haller, Joseph Bilson, Cathy Moss, Mitch Harris | Jacqui & Bernie Smalley | Kim Adu, Stephen Ferguson, Jody Dimitruk, Johanna Loke

The Friends of Rittenhouse Square, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, was formed in 1976 with a mission to preserve, protect, and beautify Rittenhouse Square. Funds raised by the 2016 Ball on The Square will be directed towards the preservation of Rittenhouse Square.

Rittenhouse Square is not only one of Philadelphia’s most valued landmarks, but it is also a focal point for the neighborhood, a meeting place for residents and workers, and an oasis of nature and tranquility in an urban setting. More information about The Friends is available at



June 21st, 2016. for Quebec Day! Conversation Hall, City Hall 8:30am-11am. Free. Global Philadelphia. Register at this link:

June 25th, 2016.  International Sushi Day and Fathers Day~Yakitori Boy  For more information contact Joanie@Phillyprgirl.

June 28th, 2016. Media and VIP Summer Launch Party for Valley Beach Poolside Club and the new Fianco Italian Kitchen at Valley Forge Casino Resort 6pm -9pm.

June 27th – July 4th    Wawa Welcome America!  Various Locations

July 12th, 2016. Chloe Johnston will be hosting Bastille Day Fireman’s Ball at Local 22, 415 N. 15th street.  6-10pm. For more information contact Kate@phillyprgirl.  To Order tickets select here.

July 14th, 2016. Best of StylePhiladelphia Style Magazine  The Kimmel Center.  6-9pm.

July 16th, 2016. Summerfest Live! 2016  XFINITY Live! – Philadelphia Craft Beer & Music Festival.  3-7pm. Check link here.

Lineup for July’s Political Moviefest.

July 20th : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- Selma [2015]
July 21st : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- The Manchurian Candidate [1962]
July 22nd : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- The American President [1995]
July 23rd : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest-All the President’s Men [1976]

For more information select this link.

August 18th, 2016.  Diner En Blanc 2016  No 5  DEBPHL


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