Posted by: albfor | June 24, 2016

June 23, 2016 “A NIGHT IN THE STARS” at the Observation Deck


OBSERVATION DECK (57TH FLOOR). Lucky sisters, Rachel Crowl from Ambler, PA and Rene Fumo from Atlanta, GA were the winners of “A Night In The Stars” and got to stay the night in a pop-up custom-built skyline home suite 57 floors above the city; Philadelphia’s highest hotel room.


A NIGHT IN THE STARS  |  Lucky sisters, Rachel and Rene

The suite set up was directly from the Klimpton Hotels presidential suite at the Palomar and their escort was Liberty Observation Deck’s Big Ben himself!  Rachel and Rene spent the night out on the town with all expenses paid by One Liberty Observation Deck and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants of Philadelphia. Slideshow of the images can be  viewed in this week’s  Metro, please select this link.

To view some of the images please select this link or the “June 23, 2016 “A NIGHT IN THE STARS” at the Observation Deck” album in the right column of this photo.

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