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June 23, 2016 SE “Unveiling” of the James Anderson mural by Shepard Fairey


12TH AND CALLOHILL.  An unofficial “Unveiling” of a mural by Shepard Fairey was celebrated by the employees of Shelley Electric Company the mural is painted on the building that is owned by Bruce Shelly (President/Director of Operations of SE).


Mural Installation 12th & Callohill Streets. Photos by Brando Wycht.


Mural ~ James Anderson | Photo by Brando Wycht.

Like most of the Mural Arts Projects this mural is huge, honors a great cause, and its beautiful. The mural installation is of James Anderson of the nonprofit organization The Anti-Recidivism Coalition.   The official unveiling should be sometime in the Fall.

“The mission of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) is to change lives and create safe, healthy communities by providing a support and advocacy network for, and comprised of, formerly incarcerated men and women.”

To view some of the images please select this link or the “June 23, 2016 SE “Unveiling” of the James Anderson mural by Shepard Fairey” album in the right column of this photo.



June 28th, 2016. Media and VIP Summer Launch Party for Valley Beach Poolside Club and the new Fianco Italian Kitchen at Valley Forge Casino Resort 6pm -9pm.

June 27th – July 4th    Wawa Welcome America!  Various Locations

July 12th, 2016. Chloe Johnston will be hosting Bastille Day Fireman’s Ball at Local 22, 415 N. 15th street.  6pm-10pm. For more information contact Kate@phillyprgirl.  To Order tickets select here.

July 14th, 2016. Best of StylePhiladelphia Style Magazine  The Kimmel Center.  6pm-9pm.

July 14th, 2016.  The 9th Annual WHITE LINEN Birthday Celebration 6pm~8pm. Presidential City Sora Pool deck, 3900 City Avenue, PA 19131  Contact Dawn Maitri at or call 267.318.5856

July 16th, 2016. Summerfest Live! 2016  XFINITY Live! – Philadelphia Craft Beer & Music Festival.  3pm-7pm. Check link here.

Lineup for July’s Political Moviefest.

July 20th : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- Selma [2015]
July 21st : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- The Manchurian Candidate [1962]
July 22nd : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest- The American President [1995]
July 23rd : Dilworth Park Political Moviefest-All the President’s Men [1976]

For more information select this link.

August 18th, 2016.  Diner En Blanc 2016  No 5  DEBPHL

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