Posted by: albfor | May 21, 2018

May 10, 2018 Minding Your Mind 2018 @ The Ben

BALLROOM AT THE BEN | 834 Chestnut Street  |  A Celebration to Life!

A Celebration of Life began in 2011 to honor the memory of Kyle Craig, a 21-year-old student at Vanderbilt University who took his life in May of 2010.

May 10, 2018 Minding Your Mind | Weblog | | TemplateKyle was a dynamic friend to many; a bright, handsome, and gifted individual across music and athletics, but whose strength of character enabled his growing struggles to be hidden from view. The grief over his shocking loss has been transformed into action. Beginning in Nashville, and expanding to New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston, this annual event has reached thousands of individuals and provided funding for hundreds of Minding Your Mind programs.

For more information please select this link to go to “Minding Your Mind” website.

To view some of the images please select this link or click the “May 10, 2018 Minding Your Mind 2018 @ The Ben” album in the right column.

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