Posted by: albfor | November 13, 2022

Magic at the Mansion-Rittenhouse Square

To view images from this event please select this link.

So far the campaign has generated $65,816!


The Down North Treehouse is a non-profit working to provide a free, post-secondary education experience to underprivileged Philadelphia youth. The Treehouse aims to divert their students from the school-to-prison pipeline, empowering them to find purposeful and financially rewarding careers in the tech sector. 

“Located in Strawberry Mansion, the Treehouse will focus on engaging, educating, and supporting local youth through the democratization of space and technology. Our facility will be equipped to help our students imagine and build the next generation of tech. The Treehouse will host interactive spaces focusing on instruction in a variety of tech fields, including a coding camp, graphic design, gaming, video production and cyber security.

The initial round of fundraising for the Treehouse will be used to rehabilitate and prepare our future home in a building that has been generously donated by the City of Philadelphia. Additionally, we will cultivate our specific programming, and establish a testing environment for implementation.”

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