Posted by: albfor | July 18, 2013

July 17, 2013 Opening Day at the OVAL !


EAKINS OVAL.  Sitting at the base east of The Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first time, The Eakins Oval (8 acres of public space) has been transformed into the new “Park on the Parkway”.

July-17,-2013-Opening-of-the-OVEL! Afternoon opening

Opening of the OVEL! |  Afternoon opening | Tristian Rivers, Tahj Dukes, Bella Grace (2yr old), Nate Burke (3 yr old), James Burke (1 1/2 yrs old), Alex Guigar (11 yrs old), Max Guigar (7 yrs old)

This project is the first part of a three-year plan to activate the Parkway as a community fun spot, for the summer, for the estimated 70,000 residents in the Parkway’s immediate neighborhoods.

July-17,-2013-Opening-of-the-OVEL | EVENING

Opening of the OVAL | EVENING. Michael Garden, Liz Maillie, Drew Gardner, Maiane Gabros, Gretchen Fantini, Stephen Koste, Jessica Iannuzzi, Kyo Daiko, Adam Howell, Christian Phillps, Aizha Pabon, Shanequa Battle, Yahne Jackson, Eric Kamper, Sheri-Ann Cowie, Vivienne Cowie-Profy, Jalil Bethea

FOR A COMPLETE VIEW OF ALL THE IMAGES from this event please select this link or the “July 17, 2013 Opening Day at the OVAL!”  in the right column of this picture weblog it will link you to the images.


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