Posted by: albfor | June 5, 2015

Jun 4, 2015 SALON @Duross & Langel Opening


THURSDAY.  SALON @Duross & Langel had a “Men’s Grooming” opening and it was a blast packed with beautiful people wall to wall supporting a very note worthy cause multiple sclerosis.


SALON @ DUROSS & LANGEL |  Steve Duross, Cory Heiber, James Langel, Sarah Evancho, Rob Evangelista | Kensey Keenan, Natasha Pickett, Rene Quick, Bobby Master | Cory Wade, Eric Micheal | Matt Beierschmitt, Andrew Wowk, Steve Cizzle | Brett Molash, Andrew Miller, George Lynch | Chris Blondelle, Tim Adams, Gavin Mckay, Matt Ray, Sean Coghlan | Matt Pickett, Rob Evangelista | Kayla O’Donnell, Eric Micheal

Great Haircuts  | Joshua Durando, Gregory Wallace, Marquise Lee, Christian W. Myers IV

GREAT HAIRCUTS | Joshua Durando, Gregory Wallace, Marquise Lee, Christian W. Myers IV

This is a great location, on the first floor, houses some great smelling soap products.

On the second level (formally Skai Blue Media) is a comfortable spacious Hair Salon with great views of the 13th street upscale denizens.  The third level is a ‘sanctuary’ retreat for yoga lovers; a great place to vibe.

For a view of some of the images please select this link or the “Jun 4, 2015 SALON @Duross & Langel Opening” album in the right column of this blog it should link you to the photo album.

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