Posted by: albfor | February 3, 2009

>Weak ass snow fall…. a few flakes!

>Tuesday, February 3, 2009
•12:00pm Doubleshots, working and waiting I will work on the Web design info before my 1:00pm meeting. Since last night I was hoping for a serious snow fall- nothing but flakes and slippery streets. So much for an early morning Photo shoot with other Photographers and friends.

5:00pm, Cafe Ole’, My meeting went well and now I must deliver the tentative layouts and proposal for charges.
Now to begin focusing on CSS, PHP and Flash 8 the next 4 weeks will be intense retraining… this time I will prevail I will have three Websites up, running then the Marketing of “”.

Cafe Ole’ always have the most interesting people frequenting its domain the women are so like not the norm.

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