Posted by: albfor | October 15, 2009

>Dreary rainy day-Cancellation

>It looks so lonesome and dreary outside- the Fall weather is here. Must stay proactive despite the photo shoot cancellation and this gray, dreary rainy day.

I had the Studio set up for a Speedgraphics 4×5 film photo shoot but my client seems to be like this weather-depressing and a “No Show”.

My plan was to shoot in the ambient light using Fujifilm (Instant Black & White Film, FP-3000b) Professional panchromatic type and then finishing off the shoot using a Digital camera.

I need a subject to shoot the cats won’t stay still and the lighting outside is getting dark.

However, I am still continuing this FREE Portraiture project up until the end of November 2009 so if you’re interested please contact me for scheduling.  The contact email address is:



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