Posted by: albfor | November 7, 2011


NOVEMBER 5, 2011  |    SATURDAY 

Seems like every new wedding couple were on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum queuing to get photographed I could not resist but “steal” a couple shots as I was passing through.

Nov 5, 2011 Hold-me-baby-0115-upload

Hold me baby | On the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum

Nov 5, 2011 Bride-Waiting-upload-0118

Bride Waiting for Groom to climb out the "Water well"

There were at least 5 newlyweds in the area I would have taken over the other photographers’ jobs if I stayed.  I love photographing weddings.  Some of the photographers had very expensive equipment out there but did not, in my opinion, took control of the “canvas” as if they were waiting for something to happen too.

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